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Laurie Tompkins follows up releases from Chaines, Ashley Paul and our favourite father daughter act Yeah You with this new LP of his own compositions. Collaborating with esteemed cello player Oliver Coates, Ample Profanity sees both musicians embrace what seems to be a semi-improvised approach to racket making. Dive a little beyond the surface and you’ll discover intricate details in the album which echo the playfulness of Joao De Bruco’s Caracol (check ‘Lime Rugis’) and the wistful vocal murmurings of Robert Ashley’s Automatic Writing. One we’d recommend sticking with til the end!

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  1. 1 Sniffin Samgh 2:00 Oliver Coates & Laurie Tompkins
  2. 2 Peejayargh 2:00 Oliver Coates & Laurie Tompkins
  3. 3 RP Beal 2:00 Oliver Coates & Laurie Tompkins
  4. 4 Lime Rugis 2:00 Oliver Coates & Laurie Tompkins
  5. 5 Charterhouse Vinci 2:00 Oliver Coates & Laurie Tompkins


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