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Onda de Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)
Various Artists
Onda de Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)
Soundway Records
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July 2018
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Top package from the folks at Soundway here as they explore the outer reaches of Brazil’s dusty record crates for sun-drenched, time-forgotten AOR, boogie, funk and soul. Forget all the tropes of last year’s Outro Tempo (equally amazing in its own right of course) and turn your attention to names like Andre Melo, Batista Junior and Grupo Controle Digitale. Sure, the last name there has been a heavy hitter in record circles for years now but many of these gems come from true obscurities that have luckily been given a second chance on the market. Probably the most perfect summer record we’ll ever stock.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Você Vai Se Lembrar 3:56 Ricardo Bomba Buy
  2. 2 Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo) 4:43 Vânia Bastos Buy
  3. 3 Reague 3:47 Rosana Mendes, Grupo Veneno Buy
  4. 4 A Festa É Nossa 3:15 Grupo Controle Digital Buy
  5. 5 Break de Rua (Versão Longa) 4:40 Villa Box Buy
  6. 6 Cheira 3:18 Batista Junior Buy
  7. 7 Saramandaia 3:56 Dado Brazzawilly Buy
  8. 8 Toque Tambor 4:11 Anacy Arcanjo Buy
  9. 9 O Fogo do Sol 3:56 Fogo Baiano Buy
  10. 10 Africamerica 5:00 Dodô Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro Buy
  11. 11 Love Is All 3:59 Via Negromonte Buy
  12. 12 Electric Boogies 3:59 Electric Boogies Buy
  13. 13 Onda de Amor 3:32 André Melo Buy
  14. 14 Feminina Mulher (Instrumental) 5:37 Região Abissal Buy

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