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Black Lotus
Black Lotus
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July 2018
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The strong whiff of Orientalism that was present on Walton’s recent Tectonic/Kaizen drops snowballs into a full-length indebted to the sounds of East Asia. Black Lotus floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Sinogrime, dubstep and a little techno combine here to make a sound that carries itself with great poise and grace yet is still capable of shelling down the room at a moment’s notice. The likes of ‘Angry Drummer’ and the Wen-featuring ‘Vectors’ are loping square-wave DJ tools that bring to mind the work that the Pennyroyal and Nervous Horizon labels have been putting in of late. Riko Dan guests on ‘No Mercy’, a hell-raising banger that recalls his seminal Rabit collaboration ‘Black Dragons’.

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  1. 1 Black Lotus 2:47 Walton Buy
  2. 2 Point Blank 4:33 Walton Buy
  3. 3 Koto Riddim VIP 4:25 Walton Buy
  4. 4 No Mercy (feat. Riko Dan) 4:01 Walton Buy
  5. 5 Mad Zapper 4:16 Walton Buy
  6. 6 Angry Drummer 4:35 Walton Buy
  7. 7 Pan 5:25 Walton Buy
  8. 8 Erhu 4:56 Walton Buy
  9. 9 Vectors (feat. Wen) 4:14 Walton Buy
  10. 10 White Lotus 5:05 Walton Buy



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