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Come To Canada You Will Like It
Project Pablo
Come To Canada You Will Like It
Verdicchio Music Publishing
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2018

Montreal’s Project Pablo is back with a new LP titled Come To Canada You Will Like It. Known alternatively as Patrick Holland, the DJ and producer has developed his own leisurely sound by combining his Vancouver/8pr roots with the culturally unique atmosphere and zeitgeist of Canada’s bilingual city. A relaxed record that focuses on slowing down and bridging the divide between a rural and urban existence, Come To Canada You Will Like It takes itself less seriously knowing that it has the talent it needs to succeed without pretentious packaging or marketing. Song titles include ‘Rent Day, ‘Nanana’ and ‘Just A Thought’ and the cover art is painted by Pablo himself. Pablo’s attitude to his music is endearing, and the LP is a fun, uplifting foray into the distinctive house sound the laidback producer has spent the past few years steadily developing.

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  1. 1 Intro 0:42 Project Pablo
  2. 2 No Interest 2:00 Project Pablo
  3. 3 Rent Day 2:00 Project Pablo
  4. 4 Just A Thought 2:00 Project Pablo
  5. 5 Tunstall 2:00 Project Pablo
  6. 6 Half Time 0:27 Project Pablo
  7. 7 Nanana 2:00 Project Pablo
  8. 8 To Sealeigh & Back 2:00 Project Pablo
  9. 9 It's Okay That It's Like This 2:00 Project Pablo
  10. 10 Fine Match 2:00 Project Pablo

Project Pablo

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