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June 2018
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Field Records (DJ Sprinkles, Szare) present the latest record from Japanese producer ENA. The one born Yu Asaeda composed the ten tracks of Bridge for a documentary, directed by old friend Kenta Iwamoto, that focuses on Japan’s Dejima Bridge. Eschewing the brooding ambiences of previous ENA releases, Asaeda here opts for a mix of found-sound experiments, post-Autechre synth work and deepish-housish loops ala Jan Jelinek. The likes of ‘Opening’ and ‘Shukka (Part 1)’ draw you in with twinkling synths - they’re reminiscent of Kid A/Amnesiac-era Radiohead without the vocals. Despite being conceived as a soundtrack, the music of Bridge proves here that it also works centre-stage.

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  1. 1 Opening 1:26 ENA
  2. 2 Setsudan 1:27 ENA
  3. 3 Bridge 1:26 ENA
  4. 4 Shukka (Part 2) 1:27 ENA
  5. 5 Tosou 1:28 ENA
  6. 6 Edo Machi 1:27 ENA
  7. 7 Shukka (Part 1) 1:27 ENA
  8. 8 Kakyou 1:27 ENA
  9. 9 Afterward 1:26 ENA
  10. 10 Ending 1:27 ENA


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