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The Observer EP
Lake Haze
The Observer EP
Creme Organization
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June 2018
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Creme Organization regular Gonçalo Salgado - aka Lake Haze - lets his fourth EP in two years off the chain for a run about. You can be sure that The Observer EP is a rabid, grizzled beast you’ll want to pet. The motion-sickness bounce of ‘Under Sea Scout’ and the EP’s gnawed opener ‘Space Reservoirs’ may pack the punch of a time-travelling murder-bot, but there’s enough dark, melancholic energy in the pulse of ‘Into the Unknown’ for you to catch your breath.

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  1. 1 Space Reservoirs 3:56 Lake Haze Buy
  2. 2 The Observer 3:54 Lake Haze Buy
  3. 3 Unexplored Oceanic Territory 3:00 Lake Haze Buy
  4. 4 Prototype I 4:10 Lake Haze Buy
  5. 5 Into the Unknown 3:34 Lake Haze Buy
  6. 6 Under Sea Scout 4:04 Lake Haze Buy
  7. 7 Unknown Aquatic Being 3:17 Lake Haze Buy

Lake Haze

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