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Maike Zazie
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July 2018
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Pianist and experimental musician Maike Zazie releases Fragmente on 7K!, an imprint created as part of !K7 to home their neo-classical listing of musicians, which includes the likes of Luca D’Alberto and Martyn Heyne. Fragmente, already released previously as a limited run of fifty cassettes, all of which are now long out of stock on the artist’s bandcamp, demonstrates Zazie’s talent in the realms of sonic literature, a practice that the musician cites as useful to her intent to convey stories or narrative through sound. The unusual piano composition on ‘Mädchen Vom Anderen Stern’ is gentle at times, a blank canvas for Zazie to stretch her voice across, while at others it seems to conduct and construct the narrative in its own right.

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  1. 1 Für T   Maike Zazie
  2. 2 Mädchen Vom Anderen Stern 8:45 Maike Zazie
  3. 3 Jeden Tag   Maike Zazie
  4. 4 Schweigen   Maike Zazie
  5. 5 Was Dennoch Fehlt   Maike Zazie
  6. 6 Komm   Maike Zazie
  7. 7 Von Drei Katzen Und Der Eule   Maike Zazie


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