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001 (antenna)
001 (antenna)
Mana Records
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June 2018
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In the press release for their debut EP, producer duo Diptera promise that 001 (antenna) offers an electro-acoustic approach to the sounds and textures of UK Garage. Quite a challenge, it would seem. But you know what? They’re not wrong. Even in the saturated world of deconstructed club music, it’s rare that you hear a group take to their task with such a spirit of invention. The division of labour is quite clear - Activist DJ sends over a few two-steps and shuffles to partner-in-crime Wesley, and Wesley then proceeds to take them apart and refit them in new and interesting ways. As a result Diptera’s sound is what you might get if you locked Matmos, Szare and MJ Cole together in a room with a sampler and a couple of bits of hardware.

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