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Emotional Music
R. Girardin
Emotional Music
Palto Flats
Catalogue Number
PF 008 / ZG 002
Release Date
August 2018
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Ace set of digital tones and electronic drone from R. Girardin for Palto Flats. Essentially a set of casio lullabies that sound like they have been time stretched into oblivion. Emotional Music offers up a proper thrilling ride that is equal parts EVOL noise nuisance and equal parts Gábor Lázár style liquid laser sword tekno tag. All in, its a properly unexpected sounding but totally wild ride. Essential for fans of Presto!? Death Of Rave or Software!

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  1. 1 Atrium Air 1:59 R. Girardin Buy
  2. 2 Behind Shine 1:35 R. Girardin Buy
  3. 3 Grown Man 1:54 R. Girardin Buy
  4. 4 Cry 2:50 R. Girardin Buy
  5. 5 Third Hut 2:50 R. Girardin Buy
  6. 6 Nth 4:17 R. Girardin Buy
  7. 7 Royal 2:47 R. Girardin Buy
  8. 8 Splashed On 3:36 R. Girardin Buy
  9. 9 Sunk 3:35 R. Girardin Buy
  10. 10 Wave Rash 3:55 R. Girardin Buy

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