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The Lost Future
Dub Surgeon
The Lost Future
Ark To Ashes
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 2018

The narrative behind the release of Dub Surgeon’s 2018 album is a long and complicated tale. With a musical career that commenced around two decades ago, Dub Surgeon has been lying low since the release of two EPs on Future Dub back in 2002/3. The Lost Future, originally engineered by Ricardo Villalobos at the former Amsterdam Film Academy around 1998, was mastered, fed through several retro mixers and recorded onto two inch tape, only to be tragically lost prior to release by a fire that ravaged the studio. Fast forward fifteen years and Dub Surgeon receives a demo version of The Lost Future in the mail. Mastered this time round by Rashad Becker, the work is a totally unique and atramentous foray into the dub genre, with pensive moments of depth and reflection scattered throughout.

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  1. 1 Untitled Dub 1 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  2. 2 Untitled Dub 2 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  3. 3 Untitled Dub 3 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  4. 4 Untitled Dub 4 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  5. 5 Untitled Dub 5 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  6. 6 Untitled Dub 6 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  7. 7 Untitled Dub 7 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  8. 8 Untitled Dub 8 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  9. 9 Untitled Dub 9 1:34 Dub Surgeon
  10. 10 Untitled Dub 10 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  11. 11 Untitled Dub 11 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  12. 12 Untitled Dub 12 2:00 Dub Surgeon
  13. 13 Untitled Dub 13 1:47 Dub Surgeon

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