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From Deep Streams
From Deep Streams
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June 2018
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Emile Facey (Plant43) has been at the forefront of electronic for more than twelve years. During that time the British producer has released on a host of seminal labels, expanding his style and sound in new directions. Although Plant43 is typically classified as a purveyor of electro, behind those driving rhythms and steely percussion a tenderness has always been present, an emotion expressed in lilting melodies and complex harmonies. It is these melodies and harmonies that come into focus on Plant43's debut ambient album. On "From Deep Streams" is a rich and textured tapestry of synth work, a soundtrack that organically unfurls from nightime woodland walks and city stargazing to mindful solitude. The eight tracks offer the listener a calming journey into stillness, an excursion through gentle audio currents and a moment to pause and take in an inspiring vista of sound. Recorded over the space of 3 months, this album gives the quiet, the subtle and the sometimes underappreciated centre stage whilst casting light on yet another side of Emile Facey's ever-evolving music.

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  1. 1 Sea of Stardust 8:21 Plant43
  2. 2 Banished Voices 6:48 Plant43
  3. 3 Roots Grow Deeper 7:46 Plant43
  4. 4 Soft Twilight Field 5:14 Plant43
  5. 5 Under the Willows 7:27 Plant43
  6. 6 Cloud Iridescence 5:30 Plant43
  7. 7 Brush of Twigs 10:44 Plant43
  8. 8 Hawthorne & Hornbeam 6:54 Plant43



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