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Maybe the most impressive addition to the Safe Trip Italian Dream House series yet! This third and final expedition into the underground world of early 90s Italian dance music gathers a bunch of genre classics, obscure never-on-vinyl DAT tape tracks and even hidden E-side gems from Don Carlos. Young Marco has certainly paid his dues with this series, we’ll give him that. Stand outs for us include the afro-cosmic influenced ‘Tramp Heart’, the vocal heavy sounds of Neurostate (must check for fans of Dream II Science!) and the previously mentioned Don Carlos deep cut.

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  1. 1 Resounding Seashell 5:18 Jacy Buy
  2. 2 Illusion 6:15 Optik Buy
  3. 3 Universal 5:35 Leo Anibaldi Buy
  4. 4 Tramp Heart 5:30 Green Baize Buy
  5. 5 Childeren Trip 6:36 Deep Choice Buy
  6. 6 Deep Blue (The Inner Part of Me) 3:55 Deep Blue Buy
  7. 7 Walkin' On the Moon 5:27 Cosmic Galaxy Buy
  8. 8 Sun City 5:56 Golem Buy
  9. 9 Sweet Pieces (Alternative Mix) 6:08 Lonely Dance Buy
  10. 10 Dance to the House (Unreleased Edit) 5:37 Neurostate Buy
  11. 11 Ouverture 6:55 Don Carlos Buy

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