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Ian MacFarlane
The Roundtable
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June 2018
  • Vinyl 1×LP Out of stock
    • Rare private press Electro and Ambient Synth
    • Solo album from former Cybotron member Ian MacFarlane
    • Electronic Outsider Music

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Though Ian MacFarlane may not exactly be a famous name in the world of contemporary electronic composition, his works in the 70s and 80s were held in high regard by contemporaries including Tangerine Dream and Cybotron (the latter of which he later joined on keys and synths). His self-released 1987 work Planetarium has now been snapped up by The Roundtable, with several more MacFarlane rarities in the pipeline. Hard to classify - even the artist himself used terms like ‘lizard strategies’ and ‘post-nuclear mind music’ to describe his work - these nine synth compositions are a slightly proggy amalgamation of Library Music and contemporaneous German styles.

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  1. 1 Hidden Leaves 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  2. 2 Fingers Pointing At The Moon 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  3. 3 Mindbridge 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  4. 4 Surrender To The Stars 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  5. 5 Seeds In The Dust 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  6. 6 Fires On The Plain 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  7. 7 A Mountain Of Swords 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  8. 8 Summits In The Mist 2:00 Ian MacFarlane
  9. 9 Seeds In The Dust 2:00 Ian MacFarlane

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