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Skee Mask
Ilian Tape
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May 2018
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Munich’s Ilian Tape (Andrea, The Zenker Brothers) drop the second full-length from illusive producer Skee Mask. The Bavarian once again lets his music do the talking on his latest LP. Compro is an extremely well-composed record, with some of Skee Mask’s brand of technotronica bordering on sound art. For instance, the way he uses the space in the speakers in opening cut ‘Cerroverb’ is masterful. Quieter cuts like this one land somewhere between Yves Tumor and DJ Koze, but the producer is able to let rip when he wants to - the likes of ‘50 Euro To Break Boost’ and ‘Dial 274’ are hardcore-influenced techno reminiscent of Special Request.

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  1. 1 Cerroverb 5:33 Skee Mask Buy
  2. 2 Session Add 6:20 Skee Mask Buy
  3. 3 Rev8617 3:44 Skee Mask Buy
  4. 4 50 Euro to Break Boost 5:07 Skee Mask Buy
  5. 5 Via Sub Mids 6:32 Skee Mask Buy
  6. 6 Soundboy Ext. 4:51 Skee Mask Buy
  7. 7 Dial 274 6:06 Skee Mask Buy
  8. 8 Vli 5:54 Skee Mask Buy
  9. 9 Flyby Vfr 5:28 Skee Mask Buy
  10. 10 Muk FM 5:32 Skee Mask Buy
  11. 11 Kozmic Flush 5:22 Skee Mask Buy
  12. 12 Calimance (Delay Mix) 4:24 Skee Mask Buy

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