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Misc. Works
Misc. Works
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June 2018
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Not a great deal of information around for this tape from Amanda Butterworth’s Mücha project, but Misc. Works - out on Misc. Records, geddit? - is good enough to speak for itself. Most of the tracks here are beautiful, woozy pieces of electronic pop. The likes of ‘House Of Sand’ and ‘South Ends’ bring to mind a more streamlined version of Inga Copeland’s anti-pop music. There is also a strong influence from the ambient tape loops of artists like William Basinski and The Caretaker. ‘A View From Above’, for instance, is a delightful wordless piece, and elsewhere Mücha often lets these loops build for several minutes before introducing her vocals.

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  1. 1 South Ends 4:22 Mücha Buy
  2. 2 House Of Sand 5:30 Mücha Buy
  3. 3 A View From Above 5:14 Mücha Buy
  4. 4 The Gun 7:00 Mücha Buy
  5. 5 The Green Up Under Hill 7:51 Mücha Buy
  6. 6 Terra Fiction 7:39 Mücha Buy
  7. 7 Long Drive 7:15 Mücha Buy
  8. 8 Late Summer 1:37 Mücha Buy
  9. 9 Narrow Fate 6:40 Mücha Buy
  10. 10 Ascent 6:47 Mücha Buy

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