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Furthur Electronix
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 2018
  • Vinyl EP Out of stock
    • Bleep Exclusive
    • Limited to 100 copies
    • Red Transparent Vinyl
    • Handstamped
    • B side are lock-grooves
    • Strictly one per customer

  • Vinyl 12" Out of stock
    • Limited to 200 copies
    • Blue Transparent Vinyl
    • Handstamped
    • B side are lock-grooves
    • Strictly one per customer

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Bleep Exclusive Red Vinyl Repress

Currently causing quite a stir on certain online record sites, Brainwaltzera's insanely good Bewplum EP released via the highly collectable Furthur Electronix imprint is has a strictly limited repress. Bewplum finds Brainwaltzera shaping up two tracks of halftime breakcore that sit somewhere between Venetian Snares' Rossz Csillag Alatt Született, and a goth-techno deconstruction of Portishead.

Coming loaded up with six locked grooves for maximum DJ destruction and wizardry, it's the two long-form tracks here that truly justify the hype. On the A, Slagplum_rubick v.5 starts with some melancholic pads that wander around a sample bank of looping breaks that roll at a forgiving pace, the overwhelming emo-esque feel is solidified by a siren cry of vocals that call out over some serious hollow man grime synths. While it carries a love of slowed down hip and trip-hop, its approach to production is undeniably hardcore and as such, means it stands as one of the greatest yet unexpected gems in Brainwaltzera's discography to date.

Bewbull [dusty_pot jam] meanwhile goes further down the rabbit hole of wrong speed record blues. Again, the slower than average tempo is key to what makes it so good, leaving behind the frantic drum & bass rhythms of his previous work the expansive new frame offered by the slower steps gives Brainwaltzera's music real time to breathe and take in its surroundings. Proper head squashing stuff that seems to only exist in an alien landscape of zero gravity sounds and liquid drums that float into place around each other on an endless loop. Brilliantly capturing the emotional vibe of Slagplum_rubick v.5 yet pushing even further outward into oblivion.

We'd advise acting fast with this one as this 12" is set to vanish quicker than any genre pigeonhole you may have chosen to place Brainwaltzera within.

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  1. 1 A1- Slagplum_rubick v.5 5:05 Brainwaltzera
  2. 2 A2- Bewbull [dusty_pot jam] 5:03 Brainwaltzera
  3. 3 B1- Flaningale (Lockedgroove)   Brainwaltzera
  4. 4 B2- Ambupop (Lockedgroove)   Brainwaltzera
  5. 5 B3- Bewduck (Lockedgroove)   Brainwaltzera
  6. 6 B4- Sinclair (Lockedgroove)   Brainwaltzera
  7. 7 B5- Jaykayjaykayjaykay (Lockedgroove)   Brainwaltzera
  8. 8 B6- Wash_cloud. (Lockedgroove)   Brainwaltzera


Furthur Electronix

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