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Debiasing EP
Debiasing EP
Ostgut Ton
Catalogue Number
O-Ton 112 digital
Release Date
June 2018
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Interesting one from Barker here. For his solo debut on Ostgut Ton, the Leisure System co-founder has attempted to use the techniques and strategies of techno to create tracks that also eschew the genre’s main ingredient - drums. With not a kick, snare or clap to be heard across Debiasing, Barker relies on the rhythmic thrust of his synths to drive the EP. It makes for a dynamic listen - the likes of ‘Cascade Effect’ and ‘Filter Bubbles’ are hypnotic and propulsive due to their carefully accented grooves. The overall effect is reminiscent of a more considered rendering of Lorenzo Senni or early SOPHIE. A fine effort.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Cascade Effect Barker 6:58 Buy
  2. 2 When Prophecy Fails Barker 3:43 Buy
  3. 3 Look How Hard I've Tried Barker 5:17 Buy
  4. 4 Filter Bubbles Barker 4:38 Buy


Ostgut Ton

Electronic and Electronica

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