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Aft Pleasure
Aft Pleasure
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June 2018
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Picture the scene: It’s 2015 in Toronto; the Winter is the coldest on record, some feat given that this is Canada we’re talking about; there’s nothing going on outside and the streets are dead. Your best shot is to meet up with a mate and get through this together. That’s exactly what Pop District and Patrik Benjamin, and during this period they dreamt up their ‘slambient’ project Bulkhead. The tracks of Aft Pleasure, Bulkhead’s follow up to the Worker’s Kampf tape, divides pretty neatly into two categories. Anything called ‘In Voice’ is a beatless experiment where the pair use a cornucopia of hardware to test the boundaries of dark ambience, while any track with a title other than that tends towards punishing acid techno.

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  1. 1 In Voice 16 2:59 Bulkhead Buy
  2. 2 Whiplash 5:54 Bulkhead Buy
  3. 3 Chop Chop 5:39 Bulkhead Buy
  4. 4 In Voice 12 2:13 Bulkhead Buy
  5. 5 In Voice 17 4:08 Bulkhead Buy
  6. 6 Aft Pressure 6:46 Bulkhead Buy
  7. 7 In Voice 21 2:12 Bulkhead Buy
  8. 8 Loss For Words 5:03 Bulkhead Buy
  9. 9 Route Sixteen 4:24 Bulkhead feat. Joel Eel Buy
  10. 10 Ways To Grow 4:15 Bulkhead Buy
  11. 11 In Voice 22 2:08 Bulkhead Buy
  12. 12 Shake These Chains to Earth Like Dew 6:16 Bulkhead feat. Louisahhh Buy
  13. 13 In Voice 13 1:07 Bulkhead Buy


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