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Varg signals the beginning of the end for his Nordic Flora series with Pt. 5: Crush.

Before moving fully into FLORA mode, the ambient-techno-pop project Varg and AnnaMelina are performing as around the world alongside the Posh Isolation crew. Crush lands fully tooled up with collaborations from Ecco2k, AnnaMelina and Vanity Productions. Continuing the ambient techno gloom that characterises our journey deep into the Nordic Flora maze, Varg once again splices elements of trap music and heavy breaks with spoken word samples talking about Sugar Free Red Bull and a fast tracked life as seen through the camera lense of an iPhone X.

No matter what you think of Varg's online persona, there can be no denying the Nordic Flora Series has given us some of the years most futuristic sounds, beamed in from the future or the nearest airport's Wi-Fi. Seriously good stuff!

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  1. 1 Music For Breakups 7:12 Varg featuring Morning Star Buy
  2. 2 Rush/Tinder 6:03 Varg Buy
  3. 3 Vanity Lights (First Crush) 1:14 Varg featuring Ecco2k Buy
  4. 4 (+46) Placing My IPhone X Facing Up To See When U Answer My Texts 4:15 Varg Buy
  5. 5 Stonewall Poem 2:03 Varg featuring AnnaMelina Buy
  6. 6 U Control the Ocean (Second Crush) 4:12 Varg Buy
  7. 7 OND_F.T.P. 3:51 Varg Buy
  8. 8 Love Economy/Anti Police Music 9:43 Varg Buy
  9. 9 Archive 1 "Spit Sugar Free Red Bull Into My Mouth" 9:54 Varg featuring Chloe Wise, Matti Bye, Christian Augustin and Henrik Söderström Buy
  10. 10 Blue Line 2 (112 Fridhemsplan) 5:44 Varg featuring AnnaMelina and Vanity Productions Buy
  11. 11 Rush/Wickr 4:48 Varg Buy
  12. 12 Archive 2 "Dm Excerpts Between @skaeliptom & @chloewise_" 3:24 Varg Buy
  13. 13 5 Stars & Vanity Lights 4:20 Varg featuring Ecco2k Buy
  14. 14 Final Crush (For 940524) 4:40 Varg Buy


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