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Cave Vaults of the Moon
Joanne Forman
Cave Vaults of the Moon
Seance Centre
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May 2018
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Seance Centre (Sam McLellan, Beverly Glenn-Copeland) release this quizzical collection from Joanne Forman. In 1987, Foreman was commissioned to create a musical installation for an environment of sculptures that was going to be exhibited in New Mexico. In keeping with the alien pieces on display, Forman brought together a disparate array of instruments such as a Juno 106, guitar and flute to create this unearthly music. Her ambitions were lofty - with Vaults Of The Moon, she intended to write ‘sonic texts’ which codified Earth-bound activities for an extraterrestrial race - and this led her to create these frequently perplexing, often beautiful pieces that bear the influence of New Age music, synthesiser ambience and post-minimalist composition.

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  1. 1 Starrise: Invocation Of The Dawn 0:51 Joanne Forman
  2. 2 The Twittering Machin 1:42 Joanne Forman
  3. 3 Lauds 1:59 Joanne Forman
  4. 4 Codex 1:58 Joanne Forman
  5. 5 Meridian 2:00 Joanne Forman
  6. 6 Moon Castle I 2:00 Joanne Forman
  7. 7 Promeni I 2:00 Joanne Forman
  8. 8 Preludiae Terrae 1:17 Joanne Forman
  9. 9 Promeni II 1:55 Joanne Forman
  10. 10 Moon Castle II 1:46 Joanne Forman
  11. 11 Compline 1:25 Joanne Forman
  12. 12 Starset: Acceptance Of The Night 1:04 Joanne Forman

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