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New Bodies
New Bodies
Temporary Residence Ltd.
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June 2018
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Four Tet’s favourite Australian assemblage are back at it with NEW BODIES. After a year of touring Australia, supporting Tortoise and showing their work alongside David Hockney at the National Gallery of Victoria, Tangents launch their new album on Temporary Residence, their fourth since the group’s formation in 2010. The quintet expertly combine an array of genres to achieve a profound effect; post-rock melds with free improvisation, held in a hazy, dream-like state by the facile use electronic production. ‘Immersion’ begins softly, emotive piano and strings leave space for the arrival of a less conventional drum pattern. The track’s acclivity is beautiful, and by the time it reaches its point you’re left unclear about how you never predicted the impact of the song’s instrumentation at its inception.

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  1. 1 Lake George 7:59 Tangents Buy
  2. 2 Terracotta 7:53 Tangents Buy
  3. 3 Arteries 4:48 Tangents Buy
  4. 4 Immersion 6:18 Tangents Buy
  5. 5 Gone to Ground 10:32 Tangents
  6. 6 Swells Under Tito 5:06 Tangents Buy
  7. 7 Oort Cloud 7:09 Tangents Buy


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