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Outer Himmilayan Presents
Various Artists
Outer Himmilayan Presents
Sacred Bones Records
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May 2018
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Though it only existed for a couple of years, Outer Himmilayan Records is held in high esteem in the annals of post-punk. Its releases from S-Haters, Soft Drinks and The Magits went on to become foundational records for genres such as experimental punk, anarcho-punk and Deathrock. A full thirty-five years after the label’s final release, Sacred Bones and Dark Entries - both imprints which owe a debt to OH - have teamed up to repackage the label’s releases by the aforementioned acts. In addition, this LP also contains some unreleased tracks and a zine that collates all the ephemera of the original releases.

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  1. 1 Pop Stars In Pyjamas 1:22 Soft Drinks
  2. 2 Cinzano Wet Dreams 2:00 Soft Drinks
  3. 3 Dangers Of Drink 2:00 Soft Drinks
  4. 4 Misconception 2:00 Soft Drinks
  5. 5 Fragmented 0:30 The Magits
  6. 6 Disconnected 0:25 The Magits
  7. 7 Disjointed 0:43 The Magits
  8. 8 Detached 0:23 The Magits
  9. 9 A Pawn In The Game 2:00 The Magits
  10. 10 Death Of A Vampire 1:56 S-Haters
  11. 11 Research 1:21 S-Haters
  12. 12 The Deepest Of Reds 2:00 S-Haters
  13. 13 Drift 1:16 S-Haters
  14. 14 Industry & Nature 2:00 S-Haters
  15. 15 1980 2:00 S-Haters

Sacred Bones Records

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Minimal Wave and Post-punk

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