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Milan W
Catalogue Number
EKS 016
Release Date
June 2018
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One of our favourite contemporary Belgian labels drops another release from Milan W. Envelope sees the producer follow up the IDM/downtempo inspired Intact LP with an eight tracker of slightly more varied substance. Sprawling, lo-fi cosmic synth business that recalls early Moebius/Cluster or Aphex Twin’s ambient ventures but inhabits its own unique world at the same time. We’ve been fans since Milan W’s appearance on the first various Ekster comp so this unexpected album comes as great news - top recommendation! Personal highlights include ‘Glaasjes’ and ‘Astma’.

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  1. 1 Salope 1:10 Milan W
  2. 2 Astma 1:00 Milan W
  3. 3 Orchestral 1:00 Milan W
  4. 4 In Limbo 0:46 Milan W
  5. 5 Heraldic 1:12 Milan W
  6. 6 Slow Runner 1:34 Milan W
  7. 7 Glaasjes 1:09 Milan W
  8. 8 Malady 1:31 Milan W

Milan W


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