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Astral Projection
Astral Projection
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May 2018
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Horo Records (Ancestral Voices, DiNT) welcome ASC back to the label for the veteran producer’s latest LP. The twelve tracks of Astral Projection are dense, weighty productions that channel all of the producer’s years of nouse. Techno, IDM, synth ambience and electro are all expertly brought together here by ASC. Astral Projection has a good flow to it, largely due to the producer’s ability to switch it up from chugging techno in the vein of Underground Resistance (‘Lifeform’) to stargazing dancefloor fare ala Space Dimension Controller (‘Extrasolar’) from one track to the next. Indeed, as Astral Projection progresses, the cosmic funk element grows more and more pronounced.

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  1. 1 Motion Resonance 6:57 ASC Buy
  2. 2 Black Vector 6:38 ASC Buy
  3. 3 Gravity Distortion 7:01 ASC Buy
  4. 4 Lifeform 5:02 ASC Buy
  5. 5 Extrasolar 5:39 ASC Buy
  6. 6 Space Debris 6:19 ASC Buy
  7. 7 Orbiting Satellites 6:39 ASC Buy
  8. 8 Plasma Waves 6:37 ASC Buy
  9. 9 Lunar Decay 6:28 ASC Buy
  10. 10 Kirkwood Gaps 6:53 ASC Buy
  11. 11 Vortex Ring 5:54 ASC Buy
  12. 12 Lost Transmission 5:49 ASC Buy


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