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Opal Tapes
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May 2018
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Opal Tapes (Wanda Group, Huerco S.) come through with one of their most challenging releases yet courtesy of AJA. Though the Berlin-based artist has previously appeared on Perc’s Bitter Music LP as well as the Opal Tapes compilation The Harvest Of A Quiet Eye, these are now framed as warm-ups for the main event that is this LP. AJA is an uncompromising, visceral listen, full of abrasive noise, distortion, screaming vocals and drum machines that sound like they’re about to explode at any minute. The most immediately obvious comparisons are to self-flagellation of early Arca and the paranoid frenzies of Death Grips.

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  1. 1 Rattles 3:53 AJA Buy
  2. 2 Charge 4:15 AJA Buy
  3. 3 Sweat Pearls 4:33 AJA Buy
  4. 4 XLR 4:57 AJA Buy
  5. 5 Tuck It, Tape It 4:48 AJA Buy
  6. 6 Black Stain 5:23 AJA Buy
  7. 7 Marbles 7:10 AJA Buy

Opal Tapes

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