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June 2018
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Jazzman present the latest LP from Nick Woodmansey’s emanative project. The drummer, who has thumped tubs for the likes of Positive Flow and Zara McFarlane, tends to indulge his more far-out tendencies when he’s in emanative mode. This remains the case on Earth, an LP which brings together various disparate jazz strands into a compelling whole. Alongside guests including Idris Ackamoor (The Pyramids), Dele Sosimi (Egypt 80) and Benjamin Page (RocketNumberNine), Woodmansey crafts expressive tracks that take in spiritual jazz, free jazz, fusion, funk, hip-hop and more. The resulting record sits nicely alongside the current crop of forward-thinking young cats coming out of London.

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  1. 1 Dawn Child (Sunrise) 6:25 Emanative Buy
  2. 2 Heaven's Mirror featuring Idris Ackamoor,David Molina 11:27 Emanative Buy
  3. 3 Ìyáàmi featuring Dele Sosimi 14:20 Emanative Buy
  4. 4 Spice Routes featuring Nat Birchall 7:48 Emanative Buy
  5. 5 Sandhyavandanam 5:49 Emanative Buy
  6. 6 Egosystem (Solar Noon) 5:11 Emanative Buy
  7. 7 Reflection featuring Nat Birchall,Liz Elensky 7:02 Emanative Buy
  8. 8 New Day featuring Ahu 4:01 Emanative Buy
  9. 9 Heaven's Mirror (Reprise) 4:17 Emanative Buy
  10. 10 Minute's To Midnight For This Planet 2:48 Emanative Buy
  11. 11 Raga Requiem (Dusk) 9:32 Emanative Buy



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