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Stones Throw
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June 2018
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Sometimes you just want Stones Throw to do what they do best and crank out a load of jazzy-ass hip-hop beats, and with this record by LA beatnik Kiefer they do not disappoint. Kiefer has been touring with Mndsgn as part of his live trio, and it’s easy to see the similarities between the pair on Happysad. There is a similarly low-slung, lackadaisical feel to the beats here, though Kiefer leans even heavier on the Dilla/Madlib/Riggins lineage. His secret weapon is his airy and natural style on the keys. He turns in a bunch of effortless-sounding piano licks across this baker’s dozen of tunes.

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  1. 1 Dope Nerd 2:10 Kiefer Buy
  2. 2 What A Day 2:37 Kiefer Buy
  3. 3 Highway 46 3:01 Kiefer Buy
  4. 4 Highway 41 3:34 Kiefer Buy
  5. 5 Magnetic 3:54 Kiefer Buy
  6. 6 Socially Awkward 2:22 Kiefer Buy
  7. 7 Memories of U 4:02 Kiefer Buy
  8. 8 Thinkin of 2:33 Kiefer Buy
  9. 9 Agoraphobia 1:20 Kiefer Buy
  10. 10 FOMO 3:53 Kiefer Buy
  11. 11 Temper 4:31 Kiefer Buy
  12. 12 Upwards 1:31 Kiefer Buy
  13. 13 AAAAA 3:34 Kiefer Buy


Stones Throw

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