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An ensemble of interchangeable players, Onyx Collective frequently collaborate with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and Princess Nokia. Notably, the band’s de-facto leader and saxophonist, Isiah Barr, recently featured on three tracks from David Byrne’s newest album. LOWER EAST SUITE PART THREE is the third installment in a series of aural work deriving from the band’s life in New York. The content of PART THREE differs from both the improvised and romanticized vision that features prominently on the previous two and is almost entirely composed of premeditated work designed to explore the uglier issues that stem from Onyx Collective’s experience living in their native city. The frantic intro on outfits such as ‘Eviction Notice’ tackles the problem with rising rent prices and uneven wealth distribution, while the sleazy saxophone on ‘Magic Gallery’ is reminiscent of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver score, evoking a similarly seedy depiction of New York’s underbelly.

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  1. 1 ONYX Court 4:38 Onyx Collective Buy
  2. 2 Don't Get Caught Under the Manhattan Bridge 2:42 Onyx Collective Buy
  3. 3 Battle of the Bowery 3:47 Onyx Collective Buy
  4. 4 There Goes the Neighborhood 2:12 Onyx Collective Buy
  5. 5 2AM at Veselka 3:23 Onyx Collective Buy
  6. 6 Delancey Dilemma 1:29 Onyx Collective Buy
  7. 7 Rumble In Chatham Square 3:51 Onyx Collective Buy
  8. 8 Eviction Notice 5:00 Onyx Collective Buy
  9. 9 Magic Gallery 4:28 Onyx Collective Buy
  10. 10 FDR Drive 3:23 Onyx Collective Buy

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