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Elph vs Coil: Worship The Glitch
Dais Records
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May 25, 2018


Coil's mid 90's excursion into the darker/deeper side of their machines gets an essential reissue on Dais, arriving alongside the ELpH sister project Black Light District and following on the mind-numbingly brilliant Time Machines reissue from 2017.

As this is Coil it's pretty clear from the off that the group were very much deeply engrained into taking some very heavy, mind-expanding ahem 'stuff' during the recording of Worship The Glitch. Yet the machines truly did the talking here as Dais explains: "During the studio sessions that developed into what would become “Worship the Glitch”, Coil became aware of random compositions emitting from their gear, and were at odds with constant “accidents” that were perpetually plaguing the recordings. The band called these unintentional emissions "ELpH": a conceptual being that is one part physical equipment, one part celestial being… constantly playing the role of trickster, throwing a wrench into Coil’s methodology." The resulting album is one of the lesser knowns, but strikingly most outward gazing entries within the Coil catalogue. Somewhere between the sort of dread dub that would characterise the sound of Blackest Ever Black some 20 years later on and an icy, isolationist assault akin to the most stripped back moments of Pan Sonic or Autechre. Incredible music and very much worthy of your time.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Dark Start 4:12 Buy
  2. 2 Opium Hum 2:38 Buy
  3. 3 Caged Birds 1:34 Buy
  4. 4 The Halliwell Hammers 2:40 Buy

    The Halliwell Hammers

  5. 5 Clorax Hurd 3:00 Buy
  6. 6 The Halliwell Hammers (2) 3:43 Buy

    The Halliwell Hammers (2)

  7. 7 We Have Always Been Here 6:11 Buy

    We Have Always Been Here

  8. 8 Manunkind 1:24 Buy
  9. 9 Bism 4:58 Buy
  10. 10 Hydlepark 6:00 Buy
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