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The very first Visible Cloaks outing sees a vinyl issue thanks to Musique Plastique, Brandon Hocura (Seance Centre) and the extended family. Recorded back in 2013 before the current explosion of Japanese ambient, 80s new age and computer music hype this five-track LP can be thought of as an early exploration into FM synthesis / hyper-digital East meets West motifs. The result sits somewhere between vacant gallery sonics a la Nuno Canavarro and painting-with-sound traditions of contemporary artists like Sugai Ken. Check the 16 minute epic ‘Escape Music from City to Paradise’

  1. 1 Wind Voice 1:55 Visible Cloaks
  2. 2 Lost Lake 1:12 Visible Cloaks
  3. 3 Painter/Stream 1:59 Visible Cloaks
  4. 4 Vocal Study 1:22 Visible Cloaks
  5. 5 Escape Music From City To Paradis 1:59 Visible Cloaks

Visible Cloaks

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