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Nadia Struiwigh
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June 2018
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Sparse and moody IDM influenced downtempo gear on Denovali via Rotterdam. Nadia Struiwigh crafts interesting contemporary electronic music that sits somewhere between the likes of Blanck Mass and early Biosphere. Most of the tracks on WHRRu flit between moods, carrying the listener through a variety of sonic textures ranging from treated piano through to low, pulsating bass tones. These contrasts really help cement the album as a balanced piece of work, each track playfully referencing the one that came before it. There are some tracks which are distinctly techno, but think a colder John Beltran take on the sound than the average booming club fodder.

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  1. 1 WHRRu 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  2. 2 Roeiweijk 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  3. 3 Jimmy Read 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  4. 4 Bizarph 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  5. 5 Yoguah 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  6. 6 Soundshag 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  7. 7 PPDA 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  8. 8 BLDRNNR 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  9. 9 4OTHU2 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh
  10. 10 Mettrix 1:00 Nadia Struiwigh

Nadia Struiwigh


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