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Luna EP
doon kanda
Luna EP
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April 2018
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doon kanda returns to Hyperdub with Luna, a new seven tracker of original productions that skilfully builds upon his debut, the Heart EP, by taking things up a tier or two towards a star explosion's worth of melodic pop and metallic electronica.

The first thing that jumps out at us is the keen use of a chopped up drum loop on album centrefold 'Crinoline', sounding somewhat like an early Ae side that was cut with a keen understanding for what made autonomic dnb such a refreshing force. Elsewhere, the melancholic twist of 'Bloodlet' and smudged 2 step beat of title track 'Luna' set out to capture the early hour's explorations that this sort of electronica is a key signifier soundtrack for. But the truly key moments have to be the distorted hall of mirrors grime of 'Burning' a sort of mirror held up towards the distorted shapeshifting artwork that kanda is famed for, while closer 'Lamina' could be a more playful offcut from Kuedo circa Severant.

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  1. 1 Bloodlet 1:40 doon kanda Buy
  2. 2 Molting 2:53 doon kanda Buy
  3. 3 Luna 4:19 doon kanda Buy
  4. 4 Crinoline 4:04 doon kanda Buy
  5. 5 Burning 2:07 doon kanda Buy
  6. 6 Shed 2:12 doon kanda Buy
  7. 7 Lamina 2:40 doon kanda Buy

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