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4625001 EP
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4625001 EP
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May 2018
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Since its launch in 2015, UVB-76 Music has proven itself one of the most exciting new labels in drum 'n bass. Dark, brooding releases from artists like Overlook and Outer Heaven have combined classic junglism with murky atmospherics to great effect. On this first release from label offshoot 4625, the core UVB-76 members have got together and turned out four tracks that see them go even further down the rabbit hole. While ‘Non-Citizen’ and ‘The Barrens’ are darkside breakbeat in the vein of previous drops, it's the new territory they break on ‘Proles’ and ‘Cassette_A’ that provide the 4635001’s highest highs. The latter, in particular, is a chilling combination of chest-beating ragga vocals and industrial ambience.

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  1. 1 Non-citizen 2:00 4 6 2 5
  2. 2 Proles 2:00 4 6 2 5
  3. 3 The Barrens 2:00 4 6 2 5
  4. 4 Cassette_ A 2:00 4 6 2 5

Drum & Bass and Jungle

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