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Pom Pom
Ostgut Ton
Catalogue Number
O-Ton 111 digital
Release Date
April 2018
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Refusing as ever to play ball, a fully untitled work by Pom Pom comes out on Ostgut Ton, noteworthy as its their first time in 15 years venturing from their eponymous label. In addition to lacking both title and track names, the artwork selected by the enigmatic techno project offers us only a black background. Fortunately, the tracks can speak for themselves. A selection of minimal techno and industrial noise outfits make up the body of ‘Untitled’, the effect more strange and spacious than one might initially suspect. Effectively, this leaves room for listeners to appreciate the textured idiosyncrasies of each sound, and ‘Untitled 2’ is a good example of why this works in Pom Pom’s favour, with more or less full emphasis awarded to the drum beat before small snatches of vocal arrive. ‘Untitled 3’ creeps forward at a perplexing half speed, unsettling but surprisingly infectious and rhythmical despite the distortion of tempo.

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  1. 1 Untitled 1 5:06 Pom Pom Buy
  2. 2 Untitled 2 5:47 Pom Pom Buy
  3. 3 Untitled 3 4:28 Pom Pom Buy
  4. 4 Untitled 4 5:07 Pom Pom Buy
  5. 5 Untitled 5 3:33 Pom Pom Buy

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