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Time Exercises
Cam Deas
Time Exercises
The Death Of Rave
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April 2018
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Cameron Deas ditches his guitar and joins the Death of Rave roster for this mesmerising excursion into modular synth territories and general eccentric electronic practices. 100% electronically sourced sound design with references to computer music and Max/MSP experiments as well as to the early days of tape music and concrete. Yes, it’s a little academic and wall-of-noisey but fans of the INA GRM approach and indeed any Merzbow/Cut Hands/PAN enthusiasts would do well to give this one a listen. At times Deas conjures up the sonic equivalent of being stung by a million bees, at times he hits full on peak time club lysergia.

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  1. 1 Exercise 1 6:21 Cam Deas Buy
  2. 2 Exercise 2 8:43 Cam Deas Buy
  3. 3 Exercise 3 4:32 Cam Deas Buy
  4. 4 Exercise 4 5:01 Cam Deas Buy
  5. 5 Exercise 5 6:03 Cam Deas Buy

The Death Of Rave

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Experimental and Noise

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