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Soul Jazz Records Presents YORUBA! Songs and Rhythms for the Yoruba Gods in Nigeria
Konkere Beats
Soul Jazz Records Presents YORUBA! Songs and Rhythms for the Yoruba Gods in Nigeria
Soul Jazz Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 2018
  • Vinyl, 2×LP

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    • The album comes complete with extensive text and photography
    • 40- page outsize booklet
    • gatefold double vinyl and inners showing the influence of Yoruba culture throughout the world and the social and historical context for the music contained here

  • CD


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The legendary Soul Jazz crew assemble a collection of frenzied percussion tracks from the new school of Nigerian musicians. Recorded in Lagos especially for the label, these show the wide breadth of drumming techniques to originate from the country. As the 40-page booklet details, the Yoruba tradition has spread its influence all across the world since the global slave trade. You will hear it in contemporary dancehall, house and Candomble as well as Latin music of years gone by. Soul Jazz offer up a contemporary reflection on the techniques from some local master drummers – not one to miss!

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  1. 1 Homage To Yemoja 1:32 Konkere Beats
  2. 2 Homage To Esu 1:27 Konkere Beats
  3. 3 Sakara Instrumental Ensemble 1:21 Konkere Beats
  4. 4 Homage To Obatala 1:38 Konkere Beats
  5. 5 Eulogy To Amila 1:22 Konkere Beats
  6. 6 Homage To Sango 1:36 Konkere Beats
  7. 7 Agbe Gbe-Wadele 0:59 Konkere Beats
  8. 8 Eulogy To Ori-Ola 0:58 Konkere Beats
  9. 9 Bata Drums Ensemble 1:00 Konkere Beats
  10. 10 Eshere 1:04 Konkere Beats
  11. 11 Homage To Osun 1:12 Konkere Beats
  12. 12 Dundun Instrumental Ensemble 1:12 Konkere Beats
  13. 13 Homage To Ogun 2:00 Konkere Beats

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