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Katie Gately – Loom

Gately’s voice exists at the centre of these maximalist soundscapes on tracks like ‘Allay’ and ‘Waltz’, both of which sound as if they could have been abstracted from Björk’s Vulnicura - a record Gately has remixed in the past. Plenty has happened to Katie Gately since she dropped her debut LP Color via Tri Angle Records in 2016 - she’s remixed Zola Jesus and produced for serpentwithfeet, for instance - but there has surely been no greater upheaval in her life than the death of her mother in 2018. This loss is at the core of her second album Loom, released through Houndstooth.



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Single / EP of the Week

Happa – Blue 07

Much of Happa's music hits a sweet spot between experiment and function, exploring the boundaries of what's possible on a dancefloor. These two tracks on Whities' Blue series fit seamlessly into that mould, both capable of creating moments where you're not quite sure what's going on. A running theme on the release is the human voice, from screaming to singing and laughing, it's used on 'Clip' as part of a rhythmic propulsion, with interjections of choral ascendance.

Blue 07

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