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Album of the Week

Alessandro Cortini and Daniel Avery – Illusion Of Time

Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini unite for an LP of cinematic, frequently gorgeous drones and ambiences. When taken as a whole it makes for a listening experience at once tranquil and turbulent, emotional and thoughtful - the recent film scoring work of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) makes for a good point of comparison.

 Illusion Of Time


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Single / EP of the Week

Annie Hall – Fum

For CPU’s latest drop they have reunited with Annie Hall, an artist who dropped the Tenured Positions EP through the Sheffield imprint back in 2016. Though Hall is based in Barcelona, her sound draws heavily on the electro and techno stylings of Detroit. Hall’s new set Fum is full of frosty synths, snapping drums and cyborg Drexciyan grooves - in short, exactly the sort of things that you go looking for in a CPU release.


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