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Vinyl Dock
Release Date
December 2017
  • Vinyl Dock $51.49
    • Handcrafted in the Netherlands,
    • Oak wood
    • Model fits 7″ and 12″ heavyweight vinyl
    • Slim design

    Stock on order, expected soon.

  • Vinyl Dock Pre-order $51.49
    • Handcrafted in the Netherlands,
    • American walnut wood
    • Model fits 7″ and 12″ heavyweight vinyl
    • Slim design

    Estimated Shipping: 01.03.18

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The concept of vinyl enthusiast Rutger Leeuwenkuijl, Vinylmood stems from Rutger's idea that record sleeves truly are a work of art, and should not be hidden away in boxes or filed on shelves never to be fully appreciated.

The Vinylmood record docks liberate the sleeve from being the case in which life changing sounds are kept and give a new lease of life to the sleeves that they argue "Just like the music, they bring back emotions, and memories of good times".

Vinylmood docks are a stylish addition to each and every soundsystem set up. A collector's item in the truest sense, each doc is perfectly designed to host the sleeve of each and everyone of your 'now playing' treats. A unique item set to unlock the visual art within each and every record collection they are gifted to.


13.7 X 13.5 X 6 cm
0.19kg (American walnut) / 0.17kg (Oak)

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