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Buddha Machine 1 – 2017 Edition Loop Box
Release Date
December 2017
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The original Buddha Machine 1 turns twelve (!!!) with a fresh batch set to hypnotize the masses with its pocket-sized sound system. Arriving loaded up with that first wave classic sounds its return is the perfect map to set you on sail across the machines droning and zoning ocean of sound.

Following a two year cycle of new models being created, this series has seen artists as wide-ranging sonically as Throbbing Gristle through to Philip Glass. For us and many others, the original Buddha Machine 1 has always held a special place on our record shelves and listening habits. In many ways, the BM 1 is the perfect follow up to Brian Eno's watershed ambient albums Discreet Music and Music From Airports. A blissful escape that teeters just on the edge of the audio peripheral of modern life.

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