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Koeppel Design
6 Panel Stencil Record Divider Sets
Koeppel Design
Release Date
October 2017
  • Record Divider Set, 6 Panel Stencil Record Divider Set

    • 6 panels with square tabs
    • Each panel has 2 stencilled letters
    • Designed for: 10”-12” vinyl records
    • Ideal for small and growing collections of 50+ LPs

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Produced with love by a team of vinyl heads based in San Francisco. Koeppel Design's record dividers are the best way to keep a tab on what and where your most cherished LP's and 12"s sit on the shelves.

Ever wanted to ease the practicality of picking out the right tune just that bit faster? These dividers are both stylish and practical. A great way to ensure that never again will you spend hours looking through those miles of music to find that wrongly filed LP. Perfect and practical, every vinyl stuffed home should have a set.

The 6 tabbed divider set of beautifully engraved wood panels will take the pressure off your records while helping preserve your collection by reducing wear on the sleeves artwork caused by frequent flipping and handling.

Koeppel's 6 panel stencil divider set is the best way to give your growing record collection the care it deserves by organising it in a way that is designed to last a lifetime.

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13.875” w x11.875“ h
Panel thickness
Total Weight
5 lbs
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