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Brix Smith
The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise
Faber & Faber
Release Date
November 2017
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Depending what pub you ask in, some people will tell you The Fall's greatest tunes were written while Brix was a member (Cruiser's Creek, Hotel Blöedel) while others will say the greatest tracks The Fall ever wrote were post-Brix's departure (Bill Is Dead, Edinburgh Man). But no matter what conclusion you come to, there is no arguing that without Brix the Mancunian pre-acid house/post-punk landscape would be a very different place.

The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise details Brix's life from the sun drenched streets of California to the low level fog bound cobbled streets of Prestwich and Salford, from the top of the charts to top of the pops. Forget the rest (they are always different always the same anyway), this is the definitive book on The Fall from one of its most singular members.

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