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Mark Archer
The Man Behind The Mask
Music Mondays
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July 2017
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Mark Archer, one-half of legendary rave pranksters Altern-8 presents The Man Behind The Mask.

The full story of Altern-8, from carving themselves out as one of the most recognisable groups in the post-acid house explosion known as hardcore. While they had the tunes to back up the image, they were also embroiled in some of the very best marketing ideas (jokes) this side of Aphex, with band member Chris standing as the candidate for Stafford in the 1992 General Election, representing the Hardcore (Altern8-ive) party, finishing fourth. Among all the MDMA laced Christmas puddings and the giant robots, back in 92' Altern-8 one-half a youth culture that didn't wait for the next punk to come along but grabbed everything they could - cheap samplers, knock-off synths, dodgy drum machines and a big crate of records - to create something new and exciting that was about living in the moment.

This is the moment you've all been waiting for..

Mark Archer

Music Mondays

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