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Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes
SUI: A Journey in Self-Realization.
CMYK Publications
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January 1, 2017

CMYK Productions join forces with Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes for SUI: A Journey in Self-Realization.

SUI features a series of computer-generated manipulations produced in collaboration by these two highly esteemed artists, heavily inspired by model/actor Sui Nakashima (who Saccenti met on a project for Depeche Mode’s last album). Using the duo's skills within the realms of computer-generated manipulations they have produced a visually stunning collection of images that encapsulate the hi-tech, hi-gloss of both of their respective work. For these vastly cinematic images, they shot thousands of frames in a studio with Sam live-scanning and manipulating them on set and in real time. The book contains 35 unbound images that give an influence of exploration as you dig deeper.

Coming enclosed in a reflective polychrome box that itself is encased in a vellum sheet evoking the strong futuristic current running through the project.

  • Contains 35 Unbound Images

  • Version 1: 594x841mm, Uncoated 100g/m2, offset, 3 pc

  • Version 2: 700x300mm, Uncoated 70g/m2, offset, 1 pc

  • Version 3: 550x300mm, Uncoated 100g/m2, offset, 1 pc

  • Version 4: 297x420mm, Coated 150g/m2, offset, 14 pc

  • Version 5: 150x110mm, SC Board 400g/m2, offset, 10 pc

  • Printed In Korea

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