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Technology Will Save Us
DIY Synth Kit
Technology Will Save Us
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February 2013

What is it? This DIY kit includes all of the components you need, including the world famous 556 Integrated Circuit, jumper wires and prototyping breadboard as well as a speaker to create your very own DIY Synth.  In building the circuit you gain an understanding into how the various components combined can create a whole plethora of wonderful noises.

How does it work? The DIY Synth Kit takes about an hour to build using the breadboard and jumper wires and provided.  It is important that you download the handy how–to manual from the link below to ensure all the components go in the right places.  Once constructed and the battery is connected the circuit creates stable square waves. Then, using the two control potentiometers you can alter the wave's frequency and width giving you a whole array of fantastic noises. 
What else you need:

What else you will need:
? DIY Synth Manual - Download the Manual Here(4.3mb)
? A 9V Battery (One of the small square ones!)

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