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Rollo Jackson
Tape Crackers DVD: An Oral History Of Jungle Pirate Radio
Rollo Jackson
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June 2011
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Rollo Jackson is a London-based filmmaker who grew up immersed in the city's dance music culture of the mid-90's. His films, whether for the likes of Hot Chip, Man Like Me, or Warp Records bare the traits of someone whose formative years were spent clad in the brash hues of a Versace print shirt and the bright white of a fresh pair of Reeboks. Whatever his subject, the spirit of too many late nights spent doing homework to the crackling sounds of pirate radio, or of weekends spent in booming, sweaty warehouses on the outskirts of London is always threaded throughout. Rollo presents a documentary DVD entitled Tape Crackers, an oral history of Jungle music and an affectionate, touching, and, at times, incredibly funny, tale of bedroom obsessiveness.

KOOL FM: Moose's debut - DJ Brockie, 5ive 0 by tapecrackers

Told through Michael Finch's tape collection which he recorded while growing up in Islington, North London, it's also an untold (or more accurately unheard) history of UK underground music of the last 10 years; Jungle, Garage and Grime are all knitted into the story through the MCs and DJs who manned the decks and mics. Movers of the underground today such as Riko Dan and B Live are on some of the tapes played in the film.


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