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Martin Dust
Brutal Sheffield
Martin Dust Photography
Release Date
March 26, 2021

Brutal Sheffield is a photographic study by Martin Dust. It’s a record of the architecture and brutal nature of his home city, and a tribute to the influence its changing landscape has had on his life.

Brutal Sheffield is a portrait of an environment and an excavation of memory, a trek through the city that provides the context and inspiration for so much of Martin’s art.

Whether he’s uncovering lost rehearsal rooms, remembering ex-record shops, or capturing the poetry of concrete and glass, his photographic world is one in which sullen-faced car parks can conceal fragmented recollections - and become the accidental backdrops to our lives.

‘‘Up above the streets and houses, lost and found in the here and now, the seen and unseen, and the going and forgetting. Over our heads and swept under the carpets and fading spreads of Green ‘Uns and Stars, burn the Beltane fires of Park Hill, a shock of the new as robust as the socialist values which inspired it, and ultimately just as fragile. These are the things that dreams are made of; I don’t see Martin’s pictures as images of buildings, brutal or otherwise. They are pictures of the marks we, the people, have made and the things we’ve done, or would have done, or will do, or would like to do. If you look, you can see the humanity in the making of the city, which I made my home over 40 years ago.’’

Ian Anderson (The Designers Republic)

‘‘The city’s great minimalist translator, Martin Dust, captures the overpowering beauty of Sheffield’s resistant modernity. Through hard lines of concrete and steel spiralling to heaven, corroded iconography and human bricolage, these images preserve the resistance to atrophy: the hushed power at the heart and the soul of the city.’’

Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Wrangler, Creep Show)

‘‘This is a book of beautiful truths, where the future came too soon and then vanished without leaving a forwarding address.’’

Regis (Karl O’Connor, New York, 2021)

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