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Guide to Ghost Box

Jim Jupp of Ghost Box provides a guide to the label's catalogue.

  • Escape Lane Escape Lane From Out Here The Advisory Circle Buy

    A really majestic piece this and one of The Advisory Circle’s greatest moments. It shows Jon Brook’s complete command of his instruments and his production skills. If Ghost Box had a theme tune it would be this one.

  • The Willows The Willows The Willows Belbury Poly Buy

    One of a group of pieces that I recorded back in 2003 that helped define for me what Belbury Poly and the wider world of Ghost Box would be all about. A pastoral-kosmiche atmosphere that was very much in the air at that time.

  • Hey let loose your love Hey let loose your love Hey Let Loose Your Love The Focus Group Buy

    Another early one, from the album of the same name. Where Julian House had finally nailed the Focus Group sound of cut up audio collage. With an if gradually drifts into an unsettling pastoral horror vibe.

  • Attaining the Third State Attaining the Third State In a Moment? Ghost Box Roj Buy

    No one sounds quite like Roj. This is a great intro to his dream like world of wheezy electronics and clunky trance like percussion.

  • Almost There Almost There In a Moment? Ghost Box John Foxx & The Belbury Circle Buy

    It was an incredible privilege for Jon Brooks and I to work with John Foxx. It turned out to be an enjoyable and laid back kind of project too. I wasn’t involved in this particular track, but it shows off the poppier end of the Ghost Box spectrum and it’s the perfect overlap between the worlds of Brooks and Foxx.

  • The Mirror Ball Cracked The Mirror Ball Cracked Sleep Games Pye Corner Audio Buy

    Working with Pye Corner Audio was seen as something of a departure for Ghost Box. But incorporating that carpenter-esque haunted dance floor sound made perfect sense to us; the Sleep Games album having a strong sense of place but being somehow adrift in time. PCA have certainly been a milestone in broadening out what we do with the label. New album out winter 2016.

  • Frumious Numinous Frumious Numinous The Elektrik Karousel The Focus Group Buy

    From the Elektrik Karousel album. Which applied the Focus Group’s techniques to the world of psychedelia, House’s first love. Throughout this album House is also using electronics and other instruments to flesh out the sampledelia. Jon Brooks production input on this one helped lift The Focus Group sound to a new standard too.

  • Mind How You Go Mind How You Go Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) The Advisory Circle Buy

    To mind a near perfect piece of motorik electronica, a popular favourite from the back catalogue for long time Ghost Box fans.

  • Boiling Point Boiling Point Entropicalia The Soundcarriers

    We jumped at this when Soundcarriers approached us for a release. They were a band I was already very much into. I always think this particular track has a kind of weird cult vibe – kind of in tune with The Focus Group’s Hey Let Loose. Paul Isherwood’s unique and masterly saturated and compressed production sound takes this far beyond mere re-enactment psych too.

  • Cantalus Cantalus The Belbury Tales Belbury Poly Buy

    From my The Belbury Tales LP, an attempt to transplant the sound of Canterbury Prog into the parallel world of Ghost Box, and also the moment when The Belbury Poly started to take on board session musicians and move in a more electric direction.

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