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Bleep's Guide to Club to Club 2016

Bleep's Guide to Club to Club 2016

This year's Club To Club draws forward possibly the most cutting edge line-up the festival has seen yet, pulling together a vast spectrum of assorted electronics and sound design techno that sees a diverse selection of Warp's finest Autechre, Lorenzo Senni and GAIKA, post-grime-tronica from Elysia Crampton, footwork rooted junglist tempo jackers from RP Boo, post-punk funk from Jessy Lanza, neon-encrusted house from L-Vis 1990 whilst Andy Stott and Daphni delve into the deeper end of the electronica field, before Fatima Yamaha's melancholic floor fillers round off the night/morning in fine style.

Here are our top picks to get you excited for the C2C weekend, or just any weekend really.

  • feed1 feed1 elseq 1 Autechre

    A dynamically abrasive, brutalist club construction from Ae, buries the opposition in the dirt.

  • PowerAge Xion4 PowerAge Xion4 Quantum Jelly Lorenzo Senni Buy

    Quite possibly the apex of Lorenzo's work - a weightless trance buzz of which its true power lies in its minimalist approach to taking over the club and everyone in it.

  • Party Motion Party Motion Classics, Vol.1 RP Boo Buy

    Manic polyrhythmic pulse that takes the tempos of jungle and channels them to become a quick-footed old school Chicago house jacker of enormous proportion.

  • Corrosive Corrosive Drop The Vowels Millie & Andrea Buy

    Though technically co-produced in tandem with Miles Demdike, Corrosive features some of Andy Stott's best club gear. Grinding trap mixed with a devastatingly heavy breakbeat, and ended with some Zomby eski pressure.

  • Ye Ye Ye Ye JIAOLONG Daphni Buy

    Absolute peak time house from Daphni, sure to split the crowd into those lost in the music and those running to the booth begging for an ID.

  • Petrichrist Petrichrist American Drift Elysia Crampton Buy

    In the post-genre pool of club music being patched together in a jigsaw of grime, ballroom, techno and bass - Elysia Crampton distills it into something that while it has the hallmarks of the genres above, sounds like nothing before (check the rewinds for some classic junglist throwback action!).

  • In Between 2 In Between 2 SPAGHETTO GAIKA Buy

    GAIKA blends the RNB style champagne dreamin' of the slicker early '00s UKG with a streetwise, hood up gothic twist that will see it draw appeal from across the board of soundboys and girls alike.

  • Forever You Forever You Forever You L-Vis 1990 Buy

    Back in 2010 when this dropped, it took the mechanical funky sound and melded it into something reaching for stadiums, yet encased in that slightly off kilter sound that makes the Night Slugs stand a million miles ahead of the rest in the game.

  • Never Enough Never Enough Oh No Jessy Lanza Buy

    Never Enough is an out and out pop tune, yet it's not afraid to groove bassline and synth lines. We could see it perfectly slide into the lighter ends of a Silent Servant or Optimo post-punk funk dj mix.

  • What's a Girl to Do What's a Girl to Do A Girl Between Two Worlds Fatima Yamaha Buy

    The perfect set closer, a raw yet soaked in melancholy roller that perfectly encapsulates that feeling when you know moments away the lights are gonna come on and the club will begin to empty.

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