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Enjoy this release on me: Bahar - com.bleep.content.ArtistDTO@21f1e2ea (MP3) Polish-born and New-England-based multi-talent Derek Piotr transfers to London netlabel Bit Phalanx for his fifth full-length. Following his 2014 album Tempatempat on Monotype Recordings, Bahar combines elements of electro-acoustic composition with peculiar vocal lines that work in equally dissonant ways as the singing of Tune Yard’s Merrill Garbus. And that’s not the only similarity to draw between the New-England-based projects: Piotr engaged four woodwind players for the recording of the album. The saxophones and clarinet parts take on sonant qualities, balancing Piotr’s voice as equal members of an ensemble, and leading through the abstracted soundscapes, the opaque covert of rattling, squelching, grinding and clanking noises.

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